Frequently Asked Questions

Answer all America - turning callers into clientsAnswer All America frequently asked questions
These are the answers to questions we get most often about our service.

1. We operate 8am thru 5pm Monday through Friday.  Most call centers are open 24/7 and so they cannot give you a set receptionist.  We can because our hours are working hours and we can have the same team of receptionists all day for you.  This is how we give world-class receptionist service.

2. We do not cost you money, we save you money!  Hiring a full-time receptionist costs approx. $30,000 a year while it only costs $300 a month for the same result with us.

3. We save you time two ways.  First, our receptionist is already trained so you don’t have to spend time training a new hire.  Second, with Answer All America answering your phones, you are free to work on your business.

4. We bill by the call not by the minute.  Typically call centers charge by the minute so when their operator puts your client on hold, you are paying for them to take their time transferring the call.  We believe that is wrong!  Charging by the call means we take care of your client without wasting money.

5. We answer the call the way you want.  You tell us how we answer the phones and what we say.  You control what your receptionist can or cannot do for you and your clients.

6. Hiring us is hiring a team of dedicated receptionists who can take more than one call at a time.  We do this by specializing in assisting small businesses with a dedicated team of professionals.

7. Our receptionists are local people so english is their primary language and they know your local area.

8. We assign the same team to your calls so your callers will get the same receptionist every time they call.  Your callers will think we are in your office answering the call.